January, 2017 – Newsletter


We hope everyone enjoyed a very safe relaxing Christmas / New Year period.

The office is back up and running and we are very excited to start a new year in the wonderful world of Body Corporate Management.

In the office we have kicked the year off with some positive thinking. We have just commenced an Eight Week Fitness Health Challenge and cant wait to see the results. Keep track of how we are performing on our SMG Facebook page.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to assisting you throughout the year.

From the SMG Team.

Pet Approvals and Unreasonable By Laws

We are frequently asked the same questions when it comes to pets from Committees –

  • Can we refuse the request? and
  • What if the animal does not fit the criteria of the Body Corporate by laws.

It is common for most pet by laws to be written in a way that is considered unreasonable.

Some examples of unreasonable by laws is when it states that pets aren’t allowed to reside at the complex at all or even places a weight restriction on animals.

Adjudicators are consistently ruling that the above two examples are unreasonable. So Committees cannot rely on the by laws for voting no to approving pet requests for these reasons.

Every pet application needs to be considered on its own merits and requests should only be refused due to reasonable reasons.

No one can see into the future – it is unknown if little Larry will be a yapper just because most Chihuahuas are. Only once he has resided at the complex and continues to breach the reasonable conditions placed on the approval should the committee try to remove Larry.

But look how cute he is.

We Want Your Feedback

We are always striving to be better than we were yesterday and remain your preferred Body Corporate Manager.

Our clients are our priority and we want to make sure that we are meeting your expectations when it comes to service delivery.

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Back to Basics – The Role of the Chairperson

It is a common misconception that the Chairperson has the final say in all matters and what they say goes.

Well this is not the case. The role of the Chairperson of a Body Corporate is quite a simple one:

The chairperson must chair all general meetings and committee meetings which they attend. If the chairperson is not at a meeting, the voters who are there can choose another person to chair the meeting.

The chairperson does not have any more authority than anyone else on the committee.

SMG Hits The Gold Coast

SMG is happy to announce that we now offer our proactive management to the Gold Coast region.

Office Details
Phone: 07 5657 9967

Mailing: P O Box 5747, Gold Coast Mail Centre QLD 9726

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