What is the importance of strata mastery?

The importance of strata mastery is to help an individual understand the process of effective and efficient strata management. Within a challenging strata market, Strata Management Group is focused on delivering to each community. We manage a body corporate system that ensures the body corporate services provided are at the pinnacle of the industry.

We provide a level of strata care that our existing clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast that has ensured our business has grown from referrals and recommendations primarily from schemes we already manage. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your community.

Why choose us?

  • Strata Management Group is aware that in order to satisfy clients’ expectations, we must hire the best personnel. Our team is in a unique position that distinguishes us from other organizations since all of our Directors have experience in the development, property management, and body corporate management industries. The client will only ever receive the greatest outcomes thanks to our unwavering commitment to offering the best strata management and development consultation.
  • Strata Management Group has made a commitment to offering and maintaining industry-leading standards ever since it was founded. The exceptional body corporate services we provide to our clients are made possible by our team’s in-depth understanding of strata legislation and proactive, solution-oriented management style.
  • To guarantee that we can continue to meet the challenge of changing regulations and industry standards, our dynamic team regularly participates in training courses. The SMG team has more than 50 years of development, property, legal, and body corporate management experience between the firm directors and employees.
  • From small duplexes to substantial multi-layer plans, our business development team has helped developers construct a wide range of strata complexes. We take pleasure in offering a timely and dependable service throughout the entire scheme establishment process, and we’re dedicated to making sure all projects have the support they need to effectively launch their development.
  • Whether you’re wanting to switch managers or create a new strata complex, Strata Management Group is in a good position to help with your community’s demands.
Strata Mastery

Become a Strata Master!

Strata Management Group aims to not only manage your body corporate but provide a level of excitation and support so lot owners can become strata masters. Get in touch for more details!

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