Strata Management Group


Strata maintenance is an integral aspect of managing strata properties, which include apartment buildings, condominiums, and townhouse complexes. By ensuring that common areas and facilities are well-maintained, property owners and residents can enjoy a safer, cleaner, and more appealing environment.

Strata Management Group can assist body corporate schemes in the management of the day-to-day maintenance needs as well as project manage larger maintenance items.

We have an extensive database of suitable qualified and licensed contractors as we understand the necessity of using compliant contractors, that have all the necessary WH&S and Insurance documentation.

Please note, quote requests and work order will only be issued upon written instruction / approval from the body corporate committee.

Need to lodge a maintenance request?

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After Hours

Core 4 specialise in repairs and maintain and can provide a comprehensive range of skilled and experienced trades persons. Along with providing our clients with ‘after hours’ emergency services, Core 4 have extensive body corporate experience and can assure that they are able to provide practical and cost-effective solutions that take into account important factors such as the nature of the work, the type of property, and the budget available.

Please note, these contact details are only to be used for afters hours emergency related to the body corporate common property. If a contractor attends to your call and it is not deemed a common property matter, the call out fee will be charged to the lot owner.

For all URGENT after-hours maintenance please call Core 4 on 1300 267 333


All emergency situations should be dealt with through the normal emergency service providers.

Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance – 000

Gas and Electricity – 13 19 62