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What Is A Strata Manager, And What Do They Do?

A strata manager is a type of real estate agent who works with strata councils, which are groups of owners or tenants who own or rent apartments in a building. Strata councils manage and oversee the property, set rules and regulations, and collect fees from owners and tenants.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a property in a strata complex, it’s important to understand what a strata manager does and what their duties are.

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What is a strata manager?

A strata manager is a person who manages the affairs of a strata corporation. This includes overseeing the management of the property, making decisions about policy and budget, and liaising with other organizations that affect the strata corporation.

Strata managers also typically serve on the board of directors, or other governing bodies, and are responsible for ensuring that the interests of all strata owners are protected. There are a variety of strata management practices that vary from community to community, so it is important for a strata manager to have a good understanding of the specific rules and regulations in place for their particular strata corporation.

What do strata managers do?

Strata managers are responsible for the administration of strata corporations. They help to keep the strata corporation running smoothly by dealing with issues such as disputes between homeowners, bylaws, and regulations, and maintaining records.

They also liaise with other professionals such as lawyers, surveyors, engineers, and architects to ensure that the strata corporation complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Some strata managers also work with the board of directors to carry out strategic planning and make sure that the corporation is meeting the needs of its residents.

Benefits of having a strata manager

A strata manager is an individual who helps manage a strata property. They are responsible for making sure that the property is run smoothly and that the bylaws are followed. There are many benefits to having a strata manager, including:

-They can help keep the property in good condition.

-They can help resolve disputes between residents.

-They can help make sure that all the rules are followed. 

A strata manager is an important part of any strata council. They are responsible for ensuring that the bylaws are followed and that all decisions are made in a fair and democratic way. They also help to keep the community together and ensure that everyone is treated equally. 


A strata manager is a professional who assists and manages the board of directors for a strata corporation. They are responsible for ensuring that all legal, financial, and operational requirements of the corporation are met. 

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